I’d like to endorse Ross Mackenzie. He’s really quite phenomenal at getting to the core of what drives success in a business. Ross isn’t just a thinker, he’s a doer. He can ask painful questions that expose risk, bias and self-limiting behaviour. I’ve been leading teams for 25 years in hostile environments and Ross is someone I’ll always go to, to take an idea, think about it and really make it happen.

Quentin Naylor – MBE

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Ross to any organisation – particularly those that recruit young teams. He’s personable, a really interesting guy to speak with and has lots of life and work experience.

Antony Young – CEO Demuto

Ross’s presence in my life at a time of an injury was so important and meaningful. I have never in my life met someone who was able to more clearly define and explain to me how things work and how we are able to create our own experiences fully for ourselves. He has been a true inspiration and I am sending you my full hearted recommendation.

Miloš Karadaglić – Best Selling International Guitar Virtuoso

I’ve worked with Ross over the last couple of years and I’ve noticed he has this great ability to break down complicated things into simple components and articulate the value of each one in a way that makes absolute sense.

Bill Morrow – Founder Angels Den

I run a European software company and I wouldn’t be where I am now had I not met Ross. I work with a lot of start-ups and, while I hear a lot of talk about disrupting markets as new entrants, they don’t know how to get from a position of start-up to selling to Enterprise. This requires a deep understanding of process, an understanding of people and the personality to make it all work. It takes someone special and Ross has all these qualities in abundance.

David Ogden- CEO European Software Company

Ross’s ability to interact at a human, professional and personal level are exemplary. His knowledge of both business and how IT is applied for business value is undoubted. He has a high level of intellect, common sense and practical knowledge and has an innate ability to guide and nurture sales resources. I’ve always admired his focus on delivering client value and developing employee capability.

Chris Coan – CEO Visualmetrics

“The players that succeed in modern golf are the ones that know how to use their talent under pressure. Ross shows the guys how to find their own personal way of turning that pressure into something that works for them. You can see the results.”

Chubby Chandler – CEO International Sports Management

“Working with Ross is different. It’s fresh and it’s simple and he’s shown me how I can get straight to a calm and productive state of mind. What we worked on gives me control over how I respond to thoughts and emotions and helps me stay relaxed and focused on one shot at a time, no matter what the circumstances.”

Lee Westwood – Professional Golfer, Ryder Cup Player, Former World Number 1, 40 Career Wins

“Ross makes learning how to get into a strong frame of mind easy and simple. Simple is good – it stands up under pressure and that’s what Pros need.”

Simon Dyson – Six Time Winner, European Tour Professional Golfer

“Working with Ross was an exceptional and wonderful experience, the like of which I have never had in my life. It was intense, it was intellectually challenging, and it moved me forward – and continues to do so – in ways I had not anticipated.

Speaking as a psychologist, I felt so warmly held by this provocative, witty man. I knew that he believed in me completely, and I relied on his certainty when I was tempted to waiver. It was the safety he was able to create that enabled him to get away with astonishing challenges that inevitably resulted in my working better and more effectively in relaunching my business.

The contributions he made with his stunning word craft skills were incredibly masterful, and the preparations we worked on before networking meetings left me so well prepared I was inevitably the belle of the ball. Ross has been critical in helping me be one of the most successful in my field, and my bar is still rising. Perhaps most importantly, as someone in a caring profession who deals with people who often feel very vulnerable and fragile, I was able, with Ross’s expertise, to create marketing materials and ways of courting new business that are compelling and deeply congruent with my professional integrity.”

Dr Shoshana Garfield – PhD

“At first I was sceptical, suspicious and resistant but in the end I found what I was looking for. For months I was stuck in a depression that came from nowhere and for no apparent reason. I was successful, happily married, had a fine family, a wide circle of good friends and good health then – bang. I found myself in a very unpleasant place. It affected my work, my home life, my social life and I felt tired, lousy and miserable.

I started talking with Ross over a coffee and became interested in the challenges he was throwing at me. CBT and psychiatry didn’t work for me but I felt that what we were talking about made sense and I could use in real life.

After just a couple of sessions I felt a difference and that gave me a lot of encouragement. We dealt with some old baggage I had forgotten about and was amazed at how much lighter I felt. I learned how to monitor and adjust my thinking so I could choose how to get the best out of every day. It’s as simple as Ross said it would be.

I’ve got my sparkle back, my family have their dad and husband back, life is good and I know how to keep it that way.”

K Adair – Company Director

“Working with Ross has done wonders for me. I had lost my direction, clarity and focus and, for a long time, struggled to cope with very simple issues that overtook my life.

In 6 simple sessions, I can only describe my journey as leaving a Force 9 gale and returning to calm waters and sunshine.

I class Ross as a friend, not just a person who helped me with the hardest part of my life to date, he’s always been there when I’ve needed him and cannot recommend his service high enough.”

Alex T – Company Director

“I’m a professional singer and entertainer and have worked in the entertainment industry in the UK and abroad for more than 20 years.

About 18 months ago I began to suffer difficulties with my voice that seriously affected my confidence and my ability to work and support my family.

I had a full set of medical tests done on my breathing and vocal cords and they showed I was physically ok.

A mutual friend introduced me to Ross and we talked about the problem I was having. He described his approach and, despite my skepticism, I agreed because I was desperate and considering giving up my singing career.

Ross helped me strip away a number of old barriers I had created for myself. He showed me how to focus and channel my thinking in a much more positive way. My self-doubt evaporated, my voice returned, my singing became more natural, the breathlessness was gone and I am enjoying my job again.

I’m really grateful for the help Ross gave me. No more the skeptic, I’m a real believer in what can be achieved when you are more balanced in yourself.”

Jay Curtis – Singer & Entertainer

“I cannot begin to tell you how fantastic it has been for me to work with Ross. His wealth of knowledge and experience is exceptional.

I first contacted him to get help with a public speaking engagement I was committed to because I wasn’t even able to stand up and speak one on one let alone to a large gathering of professional colleagues.

Our work together showed me how to take a step back from things and really think about situations before reacting. It’s brought me truly magnificent results in my business, in my home life and with my friends.

He has also enabled me to find the ‘real’ me and not be limited to the ‘me’ everyone else expects.

With his help, advice and patience I delivered my speech. It was a great success – I enjoyed giving it and got a wonderful ovation.

But much more than simply giving a speech I find I have grown so much and will continue to do so thanks to his help.”

K. Fisher – Company Director

“I have been working with Ross for the last few months and have found his methods to be enjoyable, rewarding and extremely effective.

Ross helped me to deal with some deep and long ago buried personal issues. These were acting as a significant blockage to my personal and professional development and progress.

I have benefitted greatly from his one-on-one coaching techniques and I am delighted with the progress that Ross has enabled me to make.

The ability to change my outlook and thoughts in relation to past, present and future events is immensely helpful.”

C.R.Downie – CEO, UK Law Firm