I’ve got my sparkle back


“At first I was sceptical, suspicious and resistant but in the end I found what I was looking for. For months I was stuck in a depression that came from nowhere and for no apparent reason. I was successful, happily married, had a fine family, a wide circle of good friends and good health then – bang. I found myself in a very unpleasant place. It affected my work, my home life, my social life and I felt tired, lousy and miserable.

I started talking with Ross over a coffee and became interested in the challenges he was throwing at me. CBT and psychiatry didn’t work for me but I felt that what we were talking about made sense and I could use in real life.

After just a couple of sessions I felt a difference and that gave me a lot of encouragement. We dealt with some old baggage I had forgotten about and was amazed at how much lighter I felt. I learned how to monitor and adjust my thinking so I could choose how to get the best out of every day. It’s as simple as Ross said it would be.

I’ve got my sparkle back, my family have their dad and husband back, life is good and I know how to keep it that way.”

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