I’m really grateful for the help Ross gave me


“I’m a professional singer and entertainer and have worked in the entertainment industry in the UK and abroad for more than 20 years.

About 18 months ago I began to suffer difficulties with my voice that seriously affected my confidence and my ability to work and support my family.

I had a full set of medical tests done on my breathing and vocal cords and they showed I was physically ok.

A mutual friend introduced me to Ross and we talked about the problem I was having. He described his approach and, despite my skepticism, I agreed because I was desperate and considering giving up my singing career.

Ross helped me strip away a number of old barriers I had created for myself. He showed me how to focus and channel my thinking in a much more positive way. My self-doubt evaporated, my voice returned, my singing became more natural, the breathlessness was gone and I am enjoying my job again.

I’m really grateful for the help Ross gave me. No more the skeptic, I’m a real believer in what can be achieved when you are more balanced in yourself.”

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