An exceptional and wonderful experience


“Working with Ross was an exceptional and wonderful experience, the like of which I have never had in my life. It was intense, it was intellectually challenging, and it moved me forward – and continues to do so – in ways I had not anticipated.

Speaking as a psychologist, I felt so warmly held by this provocative, witty man. I knew that he believed in me completely, and I relied on his certainty when I was tempted to waiver. It was the safety he was able to create that enabled him to get away with astonishing challenges that inevitably resulted in my working better and more effectively in relaunching my business.

The contributions he made with his stunning word craft skills were incredibly masterful, and the preparations we worked on before networking meetings left me so well prepared I was inevitably the belle of the ball. Ross has been critical in helping me be one of the most successful in my field, and my bar is still rising. Perhaps most importantly, as someone in a caring profession who deals with people who often feel very vulnerable and fragile, I was able, with Ross’s expertise, to create marketing materials and ways of courting new business that are compelling and deeply congruent with my professional integrity.”

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