Hoo-ha, The Ryder Cup, Gravity and Stress

Well, it’s nearly that time again. In just a few weeks the 2016 Ryder Cup will commence and, in the understated and hype-free run-up to the event, there’ll be all sorts of hoo-ha spoken and written about what it’ll take for one side to be victorious over the other. And in the aftermath there will be post mortems and reflection. Maybe even FIGJAM-like recriminations from those unaware of how things work.

And my little missive here is no exception – it’s ...

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ryder cup

The word of choice on Sky’s coverage of the Ryder Cup last night was “Wow.”

Wow indeed. Very Wow!

The golf was amazing. The drama was amazing. The way the story unfolded before us was amazing. The result was… Wow.

But what was especially ‘Wow’ for me was to see how the quality of the players’ thinking dictated their performances and thus the result.

Apart from ...

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