One-to-one coaching is the most rewarding professional experience and one of the most rewarding personal experiences I’ve ever had.

There is something magical about being with someone when they have their ‘moment.’

That amazing split-second where they realise they have transformed themselves in a way that moves them towards what they really want.

For some people it’s a bright light bulb coming on and for others it’s a gentle realisation that, somehow, in some way, things have changed. Subtle or not, they’re the same thing – they are ‘the moment’ when the client has moved on. Towards what they want.

The personal coaching I do evolved out of corporate work with senior business people, corporations, law firms, sales teams and software companies.

The projects usually started off with some clear-cut, highly focused, financially driven objective. But, do you know what? In virtually every engagement the issues weren’t so much broken processes or sales models.

The issues were with people. Personal things, work things, family things, things from the past – things that got in the way of doing their job and enjoying it.

So, when I worked with the clients and helped them understand the principles of mind, consciousness and thought and showed them how much easier it was to live from the ‘Inside Out’ – the problems at work melted away.


Life away from work was part of the transformation as well. Personal relationships, family, in-laws, hobbies, relaxation – all became more enjoyable and precious.

And that is why personal work is such an important part of my business.

How does it work? What can you do for me?

Good questions.

So let’s answer that by going way back – back to the beginning.

When we pop into the world we are pure potential and our natural state is one of wonder and enjoyment.

We arrive as pure, unsullied little beings, waiting to be filled and nourished with the wonderful things all newborns deserve in life: love, security, sustenance, goodness, example, learning, skills, joy and fulfillment.

Most of us, to a greater or lesser extent, get a few or even many of these things and they provide us with the basics to manage our way through life.

But there come points in our journey where we hit a few bumps, potholes and even the odd gaping chasm and we find our skills have either deserted us or they’re just not up to the task we’re faced with.

These can come in lots of forms:

They can arrive as challenges in personal relationships. Marriages, partnerships, family interactions all undergo changes over time. Some are subtle and some are definitely not.

Or they can arrive at work in the form of career change, a big promotion, redundancy, internal politics and strife. Or you may get to the stage when your heart and mind may have moved away from what was once an absorbing career towards a longing for something more meaningful and enriching.

Some people find the sheer weight of a lifetime’s experience makes it difficult to rid themselves of the stuff they just don’t want anymore. Holding on to bad memories, fears, past transgressions, resentments and regrets poisons our outlook and our dreams.



We clear them out. First, we locate them. Then we deal with them and then we get rid of them. And we replace them with things that bring purpose, joy, challenge and fulfillment for the new adventure.

We do a cathartic system reset and take ourselves back to our pristine, straight from the womb, perfect selves with everything in place for whatever you want to do with your life. A little bit like pressing ctrl+alt+del on a PC!

And then, one to one, we look at where you are now. You identify the things you’d like more of and the things you’d like less of. We agree on a plan on how we’ll work together to replace the things that aren’t of any use to you any more with the things that will get you where you want to be.

This isn’t therapy. I’m not a therapist. I’m more like a plumber, of sorts.

I help you clear your drains of accumulated muck and get clean, clear waters flowing freely again to replenish your personal reservoir.

When we’re done you’ll be very aware and focused on what you want, what you need to do to get it and where your destination is.

Then you go there. Following your clear, clean, free-flowing path to your destination.

Our work together can be done in person or using technology such as Skype or FaceTime.