The Corporate Consulting work my associates and I do is born out of more than 100 years of combined sales and management experience in large cormpanies such as Hewlett Packard, EMC, Amdahl, Digital Equipment Corporation, Silicon Graphics, Fujitsu, BT and Xerox.

We show senior business people how to be more successful at getting what they want by using the power of language to inform, persuade, sell and shape opinion in a way that excites, delights and surprises.


We don’t offer sales training – there are lots of folks who do that and they do it very well. We show people how to use words. Simple words, used in the right place, at the right time.

We all speak. We speak to each other all the time about everything.

But you know what?

A lot of what comes out our mouths isn’t what the folks we’re talking to actually hear. They hear something else.

There is a popular and very useful linguistic presupposition and it goes like this:

“the meaning of a communication is the response it gets.”

What that means is: the reaction you get from somebody after you’ve spoken is a reflection of what they heard you say, not what you said.

People are wired up to translate what comes out of your mouth into what makes best sense for them in context– even if it is the opposite of what you intend!
So, if we want to sell something, change someone’s mind or persuade them to do something then we need to choose the things we say very carefully. If we do, they are then able devote their energy to giving us the response we want and not waste it on translating our language into theirs. Because when we let them translate – we lose.

Just ponder for a moment. Imagine you knew how to make sure your message hit its mark every time, what would that mean for you? Notice how will business be. See what your life is like when you notice how business will be?


Companies that want an edge. Companies that want to avoid the powerlessness they see others being sucked into. Companies that want to thrive now. Instantly. Today.

IT companies, energy companies, property companies use us. Hey – we even have courtroom brawlers from law firms using what they’ve learned from us to be more effective in combat! Companies that want their sales people to win bigger, faster.

Companies that are ready to learn to communicate with each other and with customers in a way they never have before. Powerful listening. Powerful questioning. Powerful persuasion.