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“Performance Consulting is not an indulgence.

 It is an investment in yourself, your business and those around you.”

Join the ranks of elite performers with our performance coaching for individuals and businesses.

Our clients include:


Excellence in Action

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What clients say:

"For somebody like myself in a direct quota carrying sales role dealing with different people, in different organisations, with different motivators, working with Ross is a no-brainer."


P V, Investec Bank


"Ross has been truly impactful upon my career. He taught me the tools and gave me a roadmap I can continue using… throughout my career."



Daniel Algar-1
D A,  Google 

"It helped me change my life. It has a huge return in personal development, and with this you invest in yourself and this will stay with you for the rest of your life - I think there is no better investment."

Giuseppe Pascale-2

G P, Director, Unicredit Bank




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What We Do

At, we specialise in delivering performance coaching for individuals and businesses. Our goal is to help our clients join the ranks of elite performers. Whether you're an individual looking to improve your personal performance or a business seeking to optimise your team's potential, we have the expertise and experience to guide you towards real, sustainable success.

Our coaching programs are designed to empower our clients with the necessary tools and strategies to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential. We focus on practical, actionable steps, delivered through personalised coaching sessions tailored to the needs of each client.

Join us at and let us help you unleash your true potential.

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Sales & Business Coaching

Ross Mackenzie shows clients how to bring their
product, sales and value messages together to create
maximum impact for their customers, increase average sales
values and achieve trusted partner status.

Ross gained his passion for sales excellence in the high-
pressure world of international corporate sales, delivering
contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars and running a
billion dollar sales business. He’s spent the last 15 years
developing his programme so the results are accessible to any

Past Roles:

  • Hewlett Packard Corp - Director, International Accounts
  • EMC Corporation - Finance Sales Manager
  • Amdahl/DMR Consulting - Consulting Practice Manager

Career highlights:
  •  > $2 billion in personal sales
  •  Coached world-class sportspeople, show business personalities and business leaders
  •  Wrote, produced, and delivered the DVD “Golf Inside Out”


"I went through the Ross's coaching programme along with some fascinating other people who joined the same cohort. Ross led me through my struggles to clarify my goals once I understood them with ease, grace and enthusiasm. What a fabulous coach! Great job, and thank you, Ross!"


Head of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Cranfield SoM, Head of AEI Group -Focus on P3M & Complex Risk

"Ross is the only person I have ever met who can articulate how to truly sell a product or service. He is brilliant and that’s why I have involved him in as many projects as I can. He is also an incredible mentor. Mentoring is at the beating heart of his delivery and Ross has worked with CEO’s, leaders, founders and entrepreneurs across the world. He makes you think differently. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."

Naomi Timperley FRSA
Award Winning Growth & Innovation Consultant

"I've worked with Ross in different capacities over the years and I learn something new every time I speak with him. I am always impressed by both his business acumen and understanding of how people work, and I have recommended him as both coach and consultant to several key contacts. I hope I will be lucky enough to work with him again in the future, and would advise anyone considering using his services not to hesitate. In short a brilliant coach and business leader, and a loyal friend and colleague."

Jenny Radcliffe - The People Hacker 
Infosec Hall of Fame Inductee 2022, Social engineer, Best-selling author, burglar, podcast host, keynote speaker and panelist, expert media commentator

"Ross is a fantastic person. Not that it needs much more, but he is a magnificent coach, be it on a business as well as a professional level. He helps in turning your supposedly negatives into positives. When talking to Ross about a business conundrum, he always finds ways out of it and he is never happy until you are satisfied with the solution. He is able to dissect situations and to analyse them piece by piece in a way, I have never seen before. Yet, his explanations for everything are very simple."

Jan Albert Fiedler
Defining the Future of Retail - Omnichannel

"Ross is by far one of the best mentors and coaches I have ever had (and I have had a lot in my lifetime). He was kind, honest, professional, and helped me to unblock that which got in the way of my success. He gave me incredible direction when I was feeling lost, and set me up with a powerful blueprint to help me address a plethora of complex business situations."


Dr. Karen Molano
Clinical Psychologist, Founder of LumiTot

"Ross is one of those very special people that come into your life only once or twice in our brief time on this planet. I can honestly say that knowing and working with Ross has made me a better, more self-aware person in both my professional and personal life. 

I cannot recommend Ross highly enough for mentoring, performance coaching, personal development, or frankly just as a friend. He has helped and supported me through the past 10 or so years and my respect for him grows by the day. 

If you are reading this because you are considering working with Ross,  I can save you time by simply saying there is no world in which knowing and working with Ross Mackenzie would be a mistake. 

Ross is a superstar and words cannot express his value to the world."

Liam Wright
Senior Editor at CryptoSlate, Contributor for Forbes Digital Assets

"Ross is a force of nature! He combines his wealth of experience as a sales professional with his coaching talents and innate empathy to bring out the very best in people. Ross enables people to identify and access their inner strengths, appreciate their value and understand how to consistently leverage their natural assets and attributes to make them more successful business people and better human beings.  If Yoda needed a mentor, I would recommend Ross!"

Jeremy Writer
Lead Consultant - Consulting Firm

"I first heard Ross on a virtual workshop for business owners. There was something different about him. The way he spoke, the way he shared, the way he observed. His presentation really intrigued me. So much so, I returned to experience it again in the afternoon slot! Ross helped me figure out my value proposition, teasing stuff out of me in a way that was incredibly kind and attentive. He’s one of a kind who’s given me tools and insight that will stay with me forever."

Allison Angel
Business Consultant & Social Entrepreneur

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