photoA golf DVD like you’ve never seen before.

“Working with Ross is different. It’s fresh, simple and he’s shown me how I can get straight to a calm and productive state of mind.” – Lee Westwood

“Ross makes learning how to get into a strong frame of mind easy and simple. Simple is good – it stands up under pressure and that’s what Pros need.” – Simon Dyson

“The players that succeed in modern golf are the ones that know how to use their talent under pressure. Ross shows the guys how to find their own personal way of turning that pressure into something that works for them. You can see the results.” – Chubby Chandler,  CEO International Sports Management

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Golf Inside Out is the programme I developed to meet the needs of my clients in the world of Professional golf. It’s based on very simple, easy to understand Principles and has proven to be very successful with players not only performing better but becoming calmer and more resilient as well.

Golf Inside Out complements the technical instruction players receive from their coaches and can help them embed changes to their golf swings more quickly and robustly.




A four part introduction into using The Principles in Business. Ever wanted a way to make yourself ‘circumstance proof’ and perform at your best no matter what?  Spend a few minutes with these and notice what happens.




A section that will grow over time with snippets and thoughts on the Selling Experience. This is the stuff that never gets taught and is jealously guarded by those that know it.

Take your business performance to a completely different level.

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